Strategic Use of Caucus in Joint Session Mediation

  • March 1, 2024 at 1:00 pm
  • Open

Join our 90-minute workshop where we’ll delve into the effective use of caucuses during joint session mediations. As mediators, we understand the value of facilitating direct conversations between parties. Utilizing caucuses strategically can be pivotal in navigating negotiations from potential deadlock to resolution. In this session, we’ll focus on practical strategies to optimize caucuses, including improving communication dynamics, addressing concerns, understanding emotions, providing impartial guidance, and reality-checking to aid parties in formulating viable solutions. Our discussion will center on maintaining a non-directive and neutral approach, finding a balance between private discussions and collaborative engagement, and upholding confidentiality while propelling the mediation process forward.

This event will take place ONLINE, over Zoom, and is free to volunteers of community mediation centers, and $30.00 for non-volunteers.  Register HERE.

1.5 hours of CME/CLE Pending

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