Navigating Storms: Strategies for De-escalating Intense Conversations

  • March 23, 2024 at 10:00 am
  • Open

Join us for an engaging online workshop (10am-1:30pmET) where trainees will acquire practical skills for defusing and de-escalating conflicts. Explore the factors that trigger escalation, physical and emotional responses to conflict, and effective strategies for managing intense emotions. Learn how to bring a stabilizing presence to the mediation room and differentiate between anger and rage. Dive into the dynamics of the shame-rage spiral and discover constructive ways to address anger and shame. We will also discuss ways to build trust and rapport, as well as to understand the impact of trauma on individual responses. Through interactive small group activities and roleplays, this event provides practical insights to enhance your conflict resolution skills.  This event is open to mediators as well as other community members who are interested in learning de-escalation strategies.  Registration is free for all volunteers and $60.00 for non-volunteers.  Register HERE.

3 hours of CME/CLE pending.



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