Breaking Impasse Workshop

  • November 18, 2023 at 10:00 am
  • Open

As mediators, we understand that despite our best efforts, impasses can arise during mediation.  Let’s come together to discuss why some mediations reach a standstill and explore a range of tools that can help parties see the conflict from a fresh perspective.

We will start by looking at the three types of impasse – substantive, emotional, and procedural. Then we will discuss practical tools for breaking impasse in the following ways: shifting perspective; looking to the future; encouraging mutuality; externalizing and naming the conflict; exploring the costs of conflict; building momentum; utilizing a caucus; taking breaks; reality-checking; and appropriate mediator input. There will be a combination of lecture, demo videos, small group work, and large group discussions. We will finish by examining hypothetical scenarios as a group. Everyone will get a workbook with examples, reflection prompts, and sample scripts for the various tools we discuss.

This 2-hour interactive workshop will take place on Saturday, November 18 from 10:00am-12:00pmET. It will be free to all volunteers who want to attend!

Location to be determined, but it will be In Person.

CME/CLE Pending.  CME is free to volunteers but CLE is $5/hour.

To sign up, click HERE.


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