Ethics Resources for Mediators

One of the best online resources for mediators is the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution.

  1. National Clearinghouse for Mediator Ethics Opinions  This link takes you to a compilation of mediator ethics opinions from 43 states.  Just click and search by key word or ethics principle, or browse by state. Confidentiality? Scribing? Termination? Here is a good place to begin after checking out your own state’s opinions. (Tennessee’s opinions are compiled here.)
  2. Committee on Mediator Ethical Guidance  The Committee receives ethical questions from anonymous mediators (many are attorneys, but not all) and writes Advisory Opinions for all to read.  Anyone, ABA member or not, can submit a question.  The opinions, numbered by date, are listed on the page—there’s only 17 of them—and are fun and educational to read in no particular order. (PDF format for download)
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